Latest Updates: 

  • We are pleased to announce the agenda for our IEEE ICASSP Conference Satellite Workshop: AMHAT. Some details of the workshop are here: link
    Workshop agenda
    Date: Saturday, 10 June 2023, 13:45 - 1745
    Venue: Salon Des Roses A

    13:45-14:00 Welcome by Workshop Chairs
    14.00-14:30 Keynote talk: Professor Yu Tsao, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
    14:30-14:45 Live showcase Demo

    14:45-15:30 Poster Session 1 - Poster Area WP-D (set up from 1300-13:30, take down sharply at start of Coffee break)
    Paper ID 6970: Lightweight VisualVoice: Neural Network Quantization on Audio-Visual Speech Separation
    Paper ID 7210: Towards Pose-Invariant Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement in the Wild for Next-Generation Multi-Modal Hearing Aids
    Paper ID 6949: A Vision-Assisted Hearing Aid System Based on Deep Learning
    Paper ID 7057: Requirements for Mass Adoption of Assistive Listening Technology by the General Public
    Paper ID 7192: Frequency-Domain Functional Links for Nonlinear Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids
    15:30-15:45 Coffee & Networking Break (Poster Session 1/2 swap)

    15:45-16:30 Poster Session 2 - Poster Area WP-D (set up during coffee break, take down at end of AMHAT)
    [Note: 15:45-16:00 will be during the remainder of the coffee break]

    Paper ID 7194: Towards an FPGA implementation of an IoT-based Multimodal Hearing aid System
    Paper ID 7199: Towards Individualised Speech Enhancement: An SNR Preference Learning System for Multi-modal Hearing Aids
    Paper ID 7207: Socio-Technical Trust for Multi-Modal Hearing Assistive Technology
    Paper ID 7213: Two-point neurons for efficient multimodal speech enhancement
    Paper ID 6837: Audio-visual Speech Enhancement and Separation by utilising Multi-modal Self-supervised Embeddings

    16:30-17:00 Keynote Talk: Dr Peter Derleth, Sonova AG, Switzerland.
    17:00-17:10 Introduction to AVSEC-2: the second international Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Challenge
    17:10-17:45 Open Panel Discussion
    17:45 Close

  • We are currently running a 2nd edition of the COG-MHEAR Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Challenge (AVSEC-2): link We invite you to download the datasets and to take part in this new edition of the challenge.
    AVSEC sets the first benchmark in the field of audio-visual speech enhancement, providing a carefully designed dataset and scalable protocol for human listening evaluation of AV-SE systems. We expect the challenge to bring together interdisciplinary research teams to advance the field of AV-SE and to provide further insight about the scope and limitations of current AV-SE approaches.

  • Join our user group using using link to find our more about our research and to give your opinions. We host both online and in-person events to gain feedback on our research. We are particularly keen to recruit hearing aid users in Scotland's central belt.

  • You can now read more about our research in this blog link
  • Our first industry-focused workshop took place on June 24th 2021 with Sonova
  • The project officially started on 1st March 2021